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Moving Into A New Home: Improvement Tips

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When you’ve got a volcano of pre-move tasks to complete, such as wrapping, downsizing, and hiring movers and packers, fixing up your new place is probably the last thing on your mind. However, it is best to confront home improvements before moving when your new home is empty of furniture and your family. If you have some additional time before your big move, you should think about these home improvement hacks.

  1. Painting the Interior

Consider the difficulty of removing all of the furniture from a room before painting it. Fortunately, you can prevent a prospective mess if you paint while your house is still vacant. Painting is something you should think about, whether you hire painters or do it yourself.

  1. Prepare your home for winter

If your home isn’t winter-ready, you could face astronomical heating bills. As a result, ensure that everything in your home, including your pipelines and attic, is properly sealed. It’s also a good idea to change the filter in your furnace.

  1. Window and door locks

Examine all exterior doors in your new home to ensure they have quality locks on the door locks. It’s also a great idea to have the original locks rekeyed or altered, as there may be unexplained keys from the previous owner or employees floating around. Consider replacing your current locks with ones that have a built-in alarm for additional safety. Alarm locks come in the keypad or keyed versions and have three alarm settings that can be set to go off if the door was left open, tampered with, or compelled. In addition, make sure your new home’s windows have secure locks and keep them locked when the window frames are closed.

  1. Consider the air quality of your house

With today’s tighter building codes, indoor pollutants, odours, and moisture from your home are more crucial than ever. Install vent fans in each bathroom and a kitchen hood in the kitchen to remove the contaminants and keep the air in your home fresh. Choose high-quality, peaceful, and powerful fans. Ensure that each fan is process components to provide the appropriate amount of airflow and that it is vented to the outside via the roof or an outer wall rather than the attic.

Make everything childproof

The last thing you want is for your pets or children to be running around in your new home on move-in day, especially if there are dangers nearby. As a result, babyproofing everything by covering branches, securing closets, and putting doors near the stairs is a good idea.

Make significant renovations

If you know you’ll be doing renovations shortly, it’s best to get them done before you move in. Rather than putting off the inevitable, knock down that wall, install that kitchen island, upgrade your bathroom as soon as possible.

Popcorn walls and ceilings

Your home may have contoured ceilings and walls if it was built before the 1990s. Although the popcorn aesthetic was popular at one time, it has since fallen out of fashion. These ceilings and walls are not only unsightly, but they may also contain asbestos. Removing the texture is a simple but messy procedure. That said, it is better to hire affordable removals in auckland so you can save yourself from the trouble.

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