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The Process Of Aluminium Fencing

aluminium fencing

How many steps do you think are involved in the installation of fences? Before discussing about that; let us know about what fences actually are and how many types of fences are there. Fences are the structures that are installed vertically on ground in a way that they mark a boundary across a certain piece of land. In addition to that; these fences are also installed to provide privacy and security to the place plus to enhance the overall look of the area. They are quite popular in all three sectors which are residential, commercial as well as agricultural. The process of installing fences is known as fencing. There are many different types of fences which vary on the basis of the material that is used to manufacture them like aluminium fences, steel fences; timber fences and so on. Each of these types of fences comes with its own pros and cons. In this article; we will be discussing about the steps that are involved in the installation of fencing or more specifically aluminium fencing in sydney.  

The process of aluminium fencing:

The process of installing aluminium fences begin with the marking a boundary for the fences where they will be placed. After the line has been marked then the holes are dug. After lining the line for fence then the marks are made at specific distances from each other. These marks are placed where posts are meant to be dug. After that; posts are placed while taking care of the length of each post so that they won’t vary from each other in height. One thing that must be kept in mind while installing posts is that the land in which, you are installing posts must be firm and steady.  Then the actual panels of fences are placed and gates are installed where needed.

Colour bond fence:

Colour bond fences are the type of fences that have the characteristics of steel, aluminium as well as zinc.  The fence in itself is made up of steel but it is then coated with the layers of zinc and aluminium. So, it has the characteristics of all three metals. The coatings get tightly blended with the steel structure due to the interconnectivity of the electrodes. Colour bond fences are extremely light in weight but have the long lasting characteristics. In addition to that; the aluminium coating makes resistant against corrosion.


Fences are the vertical structures that are connected with one another through two horizontal bars. The function of these fences is to mark boundary across the piece of land, to provide security and to enhance the look of the place. There are different types of fences varying from aluminium to steel. The process of installing aluminium fencing involves various steps. “Just fencing Sydney” offers the best services of installing aluminium fencing as well as colorbond fencing prices in sydney.  

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