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4 Things To Promote Healthy Tree Growth

Earth without trees would be just like any other planet in the galaxy without oxygen. For us humans, this can be deadly (literally), and that is why today’s society is all about going green, taking care of trees and protecting the earth. So here are a few things you could do to promote the growth of trees.

Protecting during tender ages

As a plant starts to grow out it is rather vulnerable in the environment it’s planted in, unlike those that grow in the wild. That is why you need to be taking steps to protect it until it is strong enough to stand on its own. Generally most people tend to use tyres and metal barriers around it. however, today you can specifically find plastic tree protectors available for sale. But do keep in mind to take this off when the time is right as it may end up harming the growth process rather than the opposite. Not doing so has also led to many calling in tree services to eventually take down the plant that they themselves nurtured long ago.

Use natural fertilizer

While there are artificial fertilizers available in the market these aren’t exactly the best to be used for trees. Sure they might contain all the so called nutrients but in the long run they wouldn’t contribute the growth of strong tree. This is also why most plants grown using certain artificial fertilizers need to go through stump removal sooner than those that have grown otherwise. So find natural fertilizers or make your own using garden waste and whatnot, to be used in your plants!

Plant more

One of the biggest problems today is the population increase. As a result, there needs to be space made for humans live. This gives rise to a whole other problem of deforestation. When trees are cut to make up space for sky scrapers, apartments and houses, the nature on the whole is affected including us humans. Trees produce oxygen and humans require oxygen to survive, however when this equation is broken the entire earth in general suffers. Therefore, whenever you cut down one tree think of planting 3 more to make up for it.

Grow trees of purpose

There are many of us who would love to have a garden in bloom with all shades of colors and sweet-smelling flowers spread about in a space, but these plants are not those that would really give you anything in return other than beauty. That is why as much as you would try to grow such plants, try growing plants of meaning like fruits and veggies. Though there might be much more hard work involved in grooming these, the outcome is certainly worthy! Start from your home and promote the growth of more trees to protect the earth and yourself!

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