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According to the climatic conditions and changing environment there are certain things which one has to take in order to get the desirable atmosphere inside the house, especially there are certain things which everyone wants to install in the room to save themselves from a lot of climatic related things. Here we will specifically talk about day light and sun light; there are different priorities and preferences which vary from person to person. There are some people who love to get the sunlight inside the room early morning (that does not disturb the overall ambiance and sleep of a person, on the other hand there are certain people who likes it dark and peaceful). So for the latter type of people the best thing which technology has blessed? That is tinting facility, things are pretty good now for those who hates sunlight inside the rooms and cars, forget about what is healthy or unhealthy right now! Sunlight is desirable for few and for few totally undesirable.

Everything has a brighter and a darker side (which we refer to as pros and cons of something). Window tinting is something which allows a complete blockage of light to cross the glass, certainly in order to get the sunlight one has to slide down the glass (of the car) to get the sunlight and open the complete door in order to get the sunlight inside the room or house. Glass tinting was not common historically, there was absolutely no concept of tinting or black glasses but later on for the sake of security and safety car’s windows were tinted to block the view from the outside.

Especially high profile persons use this facility in order to save themselves, then it became popular and almost every politician, high profile people, business tycoons are following this window tinting facility, just to make it secure for themselves. Anyways those who are residing in closely constructed condos they have to be very careful, in order to prevent the invasion of privacy and secure the privacy (prevent others to sneak peek inside the house) are following this increasing trend of tinting windows. Usually condos have sliding doors especially for the gallery, balcony or small terrace hence they get sunlight directly from that glass door, hence the tinting has to be there not just to block the daylight or sunlight, but also to prevent any visual from outside.

There are certain countries where not everyone can avail this facility especially for car windows. Countries like India and Pakistan they have to get official permission from the government official and police department in order to get the car windows tinted. Otherwise it’s a crime to make the car glasses totally blind black.

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