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What You Need To Know About Engineering Fabrication

Before we start off with anything, lets discuss what exactly fabrication is. Fabrication is basically, a process that cuts, shapes and finally forms an end product. The method of fabrication that is to be used is dependent on several things such as the purpose of the product, budget that is available and the appearance of the product. Also, before deciding which method is to be used; either plastic or metal fabrication, it is recommended that we clear the advantages and disadvantages of both the processes.

Types of Fabrication Processes;

– Cutting: this process includes machines and other equipment that is used to cut and shape the extra pieces of either metal or plastic as per the requirements.

– Forming: this particular step involves shaping the products by bending and pressing them as per the needs to reach at a specific angle.

– Machining: this process involves either conventional or machine methods to shape the products which includes milling, lathing and drilling.

– Welding: this include joining two different pieces together or making them in a single product.

1. Advantages of Plastic Fabrication

– since plastic has a low melting point as compared to other materials, plastic is considered to be easy to form into anything.

– Before fabrication, plastic is easily able to be colored and painted unlike any other material such as metal.

– The production rate of fabrication through plastic products is quicker and has fast turnover ratio.

– Plastics are known to be of light weight when compared to any other material which makes the overall engineering fabrication Sydney quiet easy.

– Lastly, plastics are known to be less prone to be damaged from any chemicals or reactions caused by chemicals such as rusting or oxidization that occurs in the case of metals.

2. Advantages of Metal Fabrication

Just like plastic engineering fabrication, metal fabrication is also known to be dependent mainly on grade of metal that is required to be used for production. Some of the known and commonly fabricated types of metals are iron, magnesium, steel, nickel, copper, and aluminum.

– Metals are known to be having higher melting point which is why there are less chances of them to be degraded under different temperatures.

– When compared to plastic, metals are known to harder and stronger. Because of these abilities they are also long lasting and durable unlike plastic.

– the best part about metal fabrication is that they are fabricated through a number of processes which may include chipping, welding, casting, forging, deep drawing and soldering.

– When considering a high volume or large production, metal is known to be one of the cost effective means for production.

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